Press & Reviews

“Such a great time tonight! Would recommend this 100%. Great laugh running through log cabins and corn fields having the absolute shite scared out of us. Well worth the trip. Will definitely be back next year!!!” Tracy Hughes (2016)
“Had a great crack last night!!! It was unreal!!! Loved the clowns, corn field and all the rest! It was definitely best experience from start to finish! Never laughed and screamed so much in my life! LOL! Clowns and chainsaw ppl scared me half to death! Exceeded my expectations in every single way!! I would HIGHLY recommend Haunted Spooktacular to everyone!” Tamara Bozic (2016)
“Sham made me wanna faint it was so scary!! Well worth the 2-hour journey and the money!” Kandaliss Molloy (2016)
“Unreal worth every penny a defo must for Halloween” Rowena O Rourke (2016)
“An absolute MUST see!!! Great craic and great scare! Haha Congrats to all the actors who did a brilliant job. 5 out of 5 stars!” Sefan Dworshak (2015)
“it was absolutely brilliant….scared the shit out of me but I would 110% recommend!!!!! Excellent” Samantha Dunne (2015)
“What a night! I drove my sister from Armagh to visit Haunted Spooktacular and couldn’t think of a better way to spend my night! Something totally different, loved every minute of it. Plenty of screams and laughs! I would definitely go back again.” Eimear Lavery (2015)
"Haunted spooktacular amazing would defo go again. They claim to be able to scare, and scare they did. Best halloween attraction i have been to literally had my heart in my mouth the whole time. The adrenaline buzz didn't wear off until an hour later. Would highly recommend and without a doubt would go again. Very well organised and spaced out with people. Smaller groups are better as there is definitley more of a scare factor as you just don't know what is going to happen." Gráinne N (2016)
"The experience was scary, tense and haunting!!! Recommend going to this at halloween 👻 #expectingtobe grabbedfromundermybed" Fifi (2016)
"I was out here for the Haunted Spooktacular and had a ball! The people who run it are really enthusiastic and pleasant and the set up is just great. I can't say too much or I will give it away, just remember to wear comfy shoes, warm clothes and prepare to be scared. Lots of frights and "Oh No" moments, so if you love horror or Halloween I highly recommend it! Great way to spend an evening and well worth the bit of a trip outside the pale."