Haunted Spooktacular - Event Attractions


Haunted Spooktacular is yet to announce its BRAND NEW HAUNTS coming for this 2018.

The Horror Farm takes approximately an hour to complete, with numerous of Haunts to journey through and some frightastic fun in-between, will you make it out alive?

To create a unique experience for you the attractions all combine actors performing in your face action, with state of the art special effects, claustrophobia, sound and lighting.

Please note; Prices include ALL HAUNTS, and may not be bought individually.



Do you dare enter and see what really goes on behind the scenes at Charlie’s Chop Shop?  He’s dying to MEAT you. Find out first-hand how they make it 100% MAN-MADE MEAT.  Dodge your way around the themed, eerie, bloody splattered corners and corridors as you make your way through Charlie’s production line. With face to face interaction, live special effects, chopped brains and guts everywhere …….. will you make it out alive?  Be careful …….. you might be next on his list!


Hear the strange cries from within the dungeon?  They are calling you…but who?  Your worst nightmares will come true as you journey through the eerie dungeon walls experiencing heart pounding fear.  Witnesses have reported that some people have not come out alive and just vanished ….. But how?  What evil creatures live within this lair?  Each soul for its own here, will you dare venture in?


As you enter Disturbia you will suddenly be hit by the feeling of dread or shock that comes with the realization that something that is normally considered normal is, in fact, horribly wrong.  Meet our creepy, creeper diseased kiddies and their dollies as they guide you through perhaps your worst nightmare.  Are they too close for comfort?  Will you survive the trip, or be controlled forever by the kiddies?


The Zombie Apocalypse has been and gone, yet the darkest souls still remain.  They are always seeking new victims so watch out as you journey through the abandoned cabins in the woodland to experience fear like you’ve never before.  Will you complete the course and survive?  Or will you be joining the souls and be doomed to endure the fear forever?


As you enter the Asylum filled with the crazy and the kooky, do you have what it takes to survive the nightmare?  Become tested from every angle as you experience this abandoned asylum, testing your nerve, guts and instincts.

INFINITY Mirror Maze

This perfectly engineered reflective nightmare, full of dark ghouls of horror, was the first mirror maze constructed for a scare attraction in Ireland.  Step inside and find yourself lost and confused while trying to make your way out alive.  When you are thrown into Infinity and the doors are closed the creatures of the night aren’t the only thing you have to fear.


There’s nobody human here anymore.  The life ending screams and haunted howling’s are true.  The Graveyard filled with crazed mutant personnel are on the hunt for anything living.  With disfigured bodies everywhere, travel your way around the eerie Graveyard.  Do you have what it takes to escape the torment?


This 2018 Team Spooktacular have added exciting twists and turns to the 2.5 acres of farm fresh fear as you journey along the haunted Corn Maze.  As all the Ghouls begin to fill the Maze, and only the moonlight to guide you, bad things are about to happen. Will you make it out with your life, or experience the horror forever?


John Boy ain’t happy…Momma ain’t got his dinner ready!  Dare to enter into their abandoned shack within the woodlands to have your senses challenged.  Here your worst fears become reality as the laughter quickly turns to terror.  Prepare to lose your grip on life as slowly your torment unfolds….and John Boy takes your soul!