What is Haunted Spooktacular?

Haunted Spooktacular at Grove Gardens is a Scare Attraction based on a Farm. It a form of entertainment that simulates the experience of entering a haunted location. You walk through dark hallways, rooms that can be themed from different horror movies, and the attraction is filled with live actors that are there to scare you.

How Long Does The Attraction Last?

Once you have entered the attraction, it takes approximately 1 Hour to complete. Unlike other Scare Attractions, once you enter our Horror Farm it is a continuous nightmare. No main queuing again to enter each attraction. You may be stopped for a few minutes to separate you from the group ahead. This is so you experience the maximum scare!

How Scary is it?

This event caters for ADULTS AND TEENAGERS 16+ONLY. Anyone under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an Adult. At night Haunted Spooktacular is intended to scare you, but what scares one person is different to what may scare another.

If I get too scared and cannot complete the course, do I receive a refund ?

Our job is to scare you, there is no refund.

What is R.I.P Fast Track Ticket?

R.I.P Fast Track Tickets means that you get RIP Access to avoid the main Queue. These tickets are Limited.

How long do I have to wait?

IMPORTANT NOTICE - By purchasing Standard tickets the intake time means the time you enter the queue not the attraction. Tickets are Limited, So please arrive at the time you have booked to avoid back logs.

Are there special effects used?

You will experience intense audio and lighting, extreme low visability & strobe lighting.

How many people are allowed through at one time?

This is not a group based attraction. A maximum of SIX people are allowed at any given time. This is to maximize the FEAR FACTOR! If there is more in your party no other group will enter the Attraction among your group.

Is There Food sold at the event?

We have an Apache Pizza Truck on site serving all delicious food you can purchase in their stores. We also have Crepes, Candyfloss, Popcorn etc for sale on site after the event.

Is alcohol allowed on site?

Strictly NO alcohol is not allowed on site. If we feel you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be requested to leave without a refund.

Will the Scare Actors touch you?

Our Scare Actors may touch you but will not hurt you. If you touch them you may NOT come out alive. Any member of the pubic that causes harm to staff members will be reported to Security and removed from the premsis.

Are cameras or torches allowed?

No photography, video graphics, torches or any form of light allowed once you have been called to start the experience. You may use them when you have finished.

Are you the same as Causey Farm Farmaphobia?

No, Farmaphobia at Causey Farm is a completely different Event which is held on the same road as Haunted Spooktacular at Grove Gardens.Unlike all other Events across the Country, Once you enter our Horror Farm there's no turning back. One queue - The Disturbing Experiences never ends!

Can I repeat the course?

Once you have completed our nightly Haunted Spooktacular event, you are not allowed to re-enter.

What if it is raining?

The event will still go ahead, please wear suitable clothing for October weather.

Health Concerns?

We do not recommend the event for pregnant ladies. Due to the special effects used throughout the Horror Farm we advise you not to come if you have a heart condition, epilepsy or any other condition which might be affected by such effects.

Is the event Wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately due to small spaces for to help create the Scare Factor, Our Horror Farm is not suitable for wheelchairs.